His hair was long and wet from a shower he must have taken.

I examined the waves in his hair, they were like ramen noodles. He ordered a black coffee and waited in a brown chair next to the trash can.

His outfit was color coordinated brown and the only part that was not matching were his dark green converse. Dirty and bloody. Was he a serial killer or did he help someone who was bleeding? Why didn’t he clean them? Did it just happen? Is that why his hair is wet—did he just wash the blood out?

He got his black coffee and moved to back to the chair. He drank it really fast not even bothering to check if it was hot.

He made eye contact with me and I turned my head too fast and hit my head against the window. It was so embarrassing and so obvious. Does he know I’m onto him now?

The song Sometimes I Feel So Deserted came on by The Chemical Brothers and this just made me much more anxious but also giggly. He tapped his feet to the beat of the song, his bloody muddy shoes were staining the floor. “Good", I thought.

He got up quickly and went to the back. I followed him but he just went into the bathroom. I went back to my table. I waited patiently and nervous.

I went to his table where he left his backpack. People were staring at me but I didn’t care because all I cared about was finding out more.

I looked into his backpack and found an abundance of flash drives. What could they be for? What is this shit? Could there be a bunch of files or pictures on them of what he might have done? This is some sketchy shit.

The song ended and I heard the bathroom door opening. I ran back to my table leaving his backpack unzipped.

He came back to his table and noticed his backpack was unzipped and automatically looked at me. I saw this in peripheral.

He zipped it back up and threw out his coffee.

Then he left.