This is an account of a dream I had the night of February 26th, 2017.

I was in my room relaxing. The night seemed very dark. No one was around in my house for some reason. I looked out the window at the sky, it was very dark and cloudy.

Out of nowhere, a man came into my house. I screamed very loud. He chased me around the house trying to catch me. I was crying and was trying to find a way to attack him or escape. Soon he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulders. He was so strong that I couldn’t even move. I wasn’t sure where my family was, I was praying that he had not killed them.

He dragged me down the street over his shoulder. I was screaming very loudly like Laurie from Halloween. “Somebody fucking help me!" “Somebody call the police or something!"

He didn’t stop me from screaming, he just let it happen. I managed to get two separate families to call the police.

In the middle of the road on the same street from my house, I managed to get off of his shoulder and run into this guy’s house. I told him to close the garage as fast as he could. He wore a muscle white tank and looked like he had just got done working out. The guy said he would protect me as well. I felt safe.

In the house, we locked all the doors and began preparing for him to come in and take me again. Then the police showed up and surrounded the house. Helicopters were flying around as well. I was so scared but I still felt so safe. We waited in the dark. All we could hear are sirens and helicopters.

The man who kidnapped me managed to get inside the house and kill the guy in the muscle tee. I actually think he just knocked him out. He grabbed me again and put me over his shoulder. I was screaming and crying again. He took me out through the backyard and we continued walking. I was so confused and upset that the police were doing such a shit job saving me.

We made it to the park and he walked openly in the street. A helicopter soon found us and I thought I was saved. A cop shouted from the intercom, “RELEASE THE KID NOW!" I thought to myself, “What the fuck? I’m not a kid." The cop threatened him by saying he would shoot, but he really could not because he might shoot me in the process.

He continued to shout and shout to release me, but the man who kidnapped me kept walking unfazed by his shouting and the light shining down on us.

We eventually made it to the orchards, where he set me down. I was out of breath from crying and screaming. He looked at me hard and touched my face before speaking.

“Why were you screaming so much?" “I just wanna take care of you, and be there for you, always." “You’re so beautiful." “I just wanna get to know you more and more, and be with you." “I love you so much."

He had very dark brown hair and eyebrows. He was the kind of man I’ve always dreamed of. Very mature and warm, as well as someone that could take care of me.

I stood confused and bewildered on how much he thought he knew me. He was infatuated. He seemed hypnotized and drawn to me in a way that was unnatural—And yet I find this to be very common in relationships.

He gave me two options. He gave me the option of running away with him and to get to know him while doing so. He said we could fall in love and we could pretend like him taking me never happened. He was about to tell me the other option.

And then I woke up.