I start at home.
I make sure to spray off all over my body before going out at night or else mosquitoes will attack me (also I’m low-key allergic to bug bites).
I run as fast as I can to the park while listening to a song that pumps me up, and that I can sing to.
I make it to the park out of breath and walk slowly to the lower pull up bars.
If the song is at the dance part, I’ll break out into dance in the dark.
I’ll start doing inclined push ups on the lower bar. It works by putting all of your weight onto the bar and then pushing yourself up from it.
One day I hope to be past the point where I can hold myself up for a long time without restraints.
I usually have one song on repeat that I’m really into during the time.
I stretch myself under the pull up bars and attempt to do as much as I can without giving myself a hard time.
I stand up after and dance some more.
Then I dance myself over to some cement near the playground.
I proceed to do as many sit ups as I can before playing the song from the beginning.
Every time I pull my body up I look at all the stars in the sky. I get a glimpse of the Big Dipper every time I do one.
After the song restarts, I proceed to the one big thing I look forward to after every workout. The swing.
I throw myself on before taking off. I start off slow then build up. I can feel the cool air brushing over my sweaty body. And I feel like I’m flying.