Sabre is seeking the most emotional and raw intimacy with everyone but it turns out to be scary because it’s new.

Lyle finds the darkest ways to self-reflect.

SABRE laughs about it with friends over some coffee—but really takes it seriously.

Lyle takes his worries and fears with him for a stroll, he even likes having a conversation with them.

jade finds the light in being in the moment fully.

Sabre thinks he’s a joke and lets everyone know all the time.

L Y L E judges his past and projects it into everything.

Rosemary enjoys what you enjoy but in a completely different way.

Heath watches from the side and remains balanced but bored.

Rosemary leaves the party with Jade.

Sabre dances with Lyle.

Heath meets someone new.


J. lowly
H. earning
S. ust
L. emembering
R. ow