Someone’s bio on a gay dating app:

No mascs.
No fems.
Height, weight, proportionate.
DL only.
No DLs.
Strictly _______

To be or not to be.
What for? Sex? To be on each other’s levels?

To be attracted to the taller or shorter.

To be attracted to the bigger or smaller.
To be attracted to what is “perfect" physically.
Like swiping left and right on a dating app. But attraction is everything right? Is it?

To feel more dominant or submissive.

To feel stronger or weaker.

To be masculine or feminine.
Should we choose one? Is it who we are? Just one?

We are okay but we are not. These are only fetishes and kinks—so what is the problem you say.

To the point of stigma. To the point of objectivity. To the point of change. To the point of deconstructing a human being.