He kissed her face to a song. My favorite song. The song he said he played when he missed me. I looked through their glass paned window trying to hide my face. I looked at their photos on the wall. Pictures of their family made me giggle—all of them wore Ralph Polo and matched.

He poured another glass of jack for her with some vanilla coke. She sat on their dark green loveseat staring into his eyes while he poured his glass.

She grabbed her iPhone from the china table and turned the music louder. The windowpane was vibrating. I put my face closer on the window feeling the vibrations against my cheeks while remaining low.

She drank her jack before standing up to dance with him. He kissed her neck with nothing but love. She laughed while he made his way up to her lips. I started to kiss the window feeling the vibrations against my lips.

They danced perfectly as if they had taken lesssons for many years. A tear rolled down my eye as he dipped her. They started dancing in specific steps—they were slow but had rhythm. I tried to copy their steps. I looked down and up. It was strange because they were moving so slow but so fast, and I couldn’t reciprocate.

They slowly started removing their clothes. She wore olive green underwear.

They turned off the lights together. He shut off the kitchen light while she shut off the stained glass light near the china table. She blew out the rosewood candle while he turned off the dim lights of which they were dancing in.

It was dark. She led him half naked to the bedroom through the hallway. I could only see their shadows. They both disappeared slowly.

I closed my eyes imagining them in the bedroom—was it more passionate or more routined?

The vibrations suddenly stopped and I opened my eyes to see them staring at me.