Think about how far you have come. What you’ve experienced, learned, and how you’re still breathing.

Think about your beautiful body and face. Look at yourself naked and dance. Take selfies from every angle. Embrace yourself.

Think about the people who love you, and trust me they really do. They love how beautiful and amazing you are. They want you in their life forever. They always want to know you and be around you.

Your differences are what makes you beautiful. You might think it is ugly but it is not.

Think about all your little habits and how cute they are. What you do before you sleep and how you wash yourself in the shower.

Read only positive things. Talk to people that make you feel good.

Don’t let yourself feel guilty for your actions for too long. Don’t think about the future and let it take over.

Don’t stress yourself out over any big or little thing. Think about the most positive thing even in the darkest point of your life.

Let yourself roam freely, remove your strict actions and thoughts.

Eat food you love. Eat food with people you love.

Reflect on what you’ve learned and done everyday, and how it’s making you learn and evolve into your best self. Even if it’s figuring out how to relax more or just relaxing more.

Listen to crunk music. Turn up! Dance with yourself.

Don’t ever judge yourself or others.

Do something you love at least once a day, if it benefits you positively.