You wake up everyday wanting more but you are not doing anything.

You search for the most memorable moments that should not come from searching.

You want what you see.

You crave to feel alive.

You want to feel like everything in your life is going okay, and that you have nothing to worry about in the future.

You want to know what it's liked to be loved. To be cared for. To care for someone.

You wonder what it's like to do what other people are doing.

You want to feel needed in this world.

You don't know what you want everyday but you know you want something.

But you keep trying.

Because you know one day you will feel okay.

Okay to be here. Okay to live. Okay to live without searching. Okay to wonder. Okay to feel needed. Okay to be loved. Okay to feel alive.

Okay to be you and you only. Only when things are getting worst, you reflect on you, and go back to finding yourself looking. Looking forever for what you have already found.